Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello Fellow Clickers

I created a mini website to help raise funds for my son to play football this year.

A Special Thanks to

and members $35 raised.

Also thanks to my fellow clickers for clicking my ptp links.

Every ptp link you see or Affiliate Page or Personal Page with the user clickchik you are helping a boys dream come true. We thank you.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Helping My Lil Spockman

Hello everyone. Online I am known as clickchik. I am creating this blog in hopes to raise money for my son Spock to play his favorite sport Football. Practice starts the 2nd week of July. Times are a little tough for us this year so I am trying not to let my lil man down.

I am a single mother and recently lost my job due to my jeep breaking down. I was a newspaper carrier and with no vehicle I had to let my job go. I am slowly getting repairs done so that I can get back in the workforce.

So now I have to rely on money I make on the internet.

I was wanting to raise the following=

$200 Registration for him to play

$50 for his cleats he outgrown his last year pair.

$35 for his girdle!

Thanks to the other website I have made $35 and A Big Thank You to my fellow GPTers who have clicked ptp links at sites I am a member of $12 was made in March.

A Lil About Spock

Spock turned 10 in December. We hope this will be his 4th year to play for the Pinecrest Pilots. He plays defense, luvs to tackle, but hopes to play a lil offense this year.